B&A – Kitchen

Our kitchen. Wowee! This was a complete overhaul. The only thing we didn’t change was the floor.

First off, I have to give a MASSIVE shoutout to Brandon for tirelessly cleaning, sanding and painting our cabinets. He did them All. By. Himself! I am so extremely proud of him and our cabinets! They are beautiful. Thanks again, darling! ❤

Subway Tile Backsplash – Thank God for my Mom and Dad. Without them, there would be no backsplash. They cut, stuck up and grouted 95% of the backsplash with a little help from Brandon and I. They are lifesavers!

All of our appliances came from Lowe’s. The fridge and dishwasher are Frigidaire and the slide-in range is Samsung. We love them all! So thankful for smudge proof stainless steel and Georgia Power rebates!

Granite – We saved money by only buying one slab of granite and using it for the kitchen and bathroom vanity. One huge slab is the way to go!

Kitchen To-Do List

  • Install crown molding above the cabinets
  • Paint lines in solid white cabinet door of the pantry
  • Install cabinet above the fridge

What do you think about our kitchen remodel? I am super pleased! 🙂

Kitchen BA.png

Kitchen B&A.png


B&A – Bathroom: Part 1

We bought our home in May and only had five months to remodel until we got married in November. We didn’t have a set budget for remodeling but I tried to get what we wanted at the best prices possible. The biggest splurge was the vanity, but it’s something we both wanted and it’ll hopefully last us forever!

Granite Countertops – We live in the Carpet Capital of the World, literally! There are perks to working in the carpet industry because carpet is flooring and flooring can be tile. Tile companies typically deal with granite and granite makes beautiful countertops! Long story short, we got our granite countertops at a STEAL! This will probably be the only time I say this but…Thanks Mohawk! So, if you have any connection with the carpet industry, see what type of discounted products they sell. You might just replace those old countertops you’ve been grunting at for years!

Vanity Mirrors – I ordered our mirrors online at Kirkland’s and was going to pick them up in store. Fortunately, it didn’t work out that way because they never came in. I say fortunately because I went to the store to get them instead, there were two there. One in perfect condition, on sale. One in not-so-perfect condition, also on sale. After hearing my online order fiasco, the manager sold the not-so-perfect mirror to me for a random $13. Score!

Diamond-Shaped Cabinet Knobs – I LOVE HOUZZ! If you haven’t checked it out, stop what you’re doing and go there now! They have endless ideas for your home remodel and great products at fantastic prices! I found these knobs after reading hundreds of reviews. They are beautiful and inexpensive, especially when they go on sale ($2.49)! Beware: A couple of ours have popped off due to pressure, but it’s nothing you can’t fix with some super glue!

PaintBenjamin Moore Clear Skies We bought all of our paint locally at Ace Hardware, because they are awesome and have the best customer service. We waited until the Clark and Kensington Paint went on sale, then used my Dad’s Ace coupons to save even more. Sign up for ACE Rewards. The coupons are totally worth it!

Sink Faucets – We bought our sink faucets (and bathroom door) from Lowe’s…before our patio door fiasco. (Another story for another day). Nothing special about these, just giving you the link in case you like them!

To Be Continued… 

Bathroom Remodel Part 2 Coming Soon!