Save $25 on Groceries!

Have you heard of Boxed? If not, now you have! Boxed is a company that delivers bulk products you love to your door! This was my first time using their service and I love it. It’s so easy! I will definitely use them again! *Shout out to my Mom for recommending them to me!* If you click this link, you can shop on boxed and save $15 on your first order!

I saved an additional $15 by signing up for the Boxed American Express Offer. The offer was “Spend $50 at Boxed, receive a $15 credit on your account.” So, I simply signed up for the offer, spent $50 at Boxed (using my AMEX card) and Wah-Lah, I received a $15 statement credit the next day!

Don’t believe it? See my order details and statement credit below!

I spent $65.46, used the code BOXED and saved $9.82 on my order.


Then, AMEX credited my account $15 the next day! It’s real savings you guys! Try it out, you won’t regret it! 🙂


$9.82 + $15 = $24.82 in savings!

Happy shopping,